About Me

  Welcome! I am a NSF postdoctoral fellow and von Karman instructor in Applied & Computational Mathematics at Caltech. I work on data-driven inference and control for large-scale dynamical systems, with a focus on optimal design for these outcomes. This includes optimizing sensor and actuator placements, measurement strategies, and sampling of spatial, temporal or parameter domains for inference and control of high-dimensional systems. Although these optimizations are in general NP-hard, my work exploits low-dimensional structure computed using dimensionality reduction and manifold learning to efficiently optimize design objectives. To learn more, click below.


APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Atlanta GA 
UC Irvine Applied Math Seminar, Irvine CA
IPAM Workshop on Operator Theoretic Methods
SIAM Computational Science & Engineering, Spokane WA 
UC Santa Cruz Seminar,
Santa Cruz, CA 
SIAM Conference on Applied Dynamical Systems, Snowbird UT
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