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Manohar Lab

Data-Driven Optimization and Sensing


Krithika Manohar

Assistant Professor 

University of Washington, Seattle (UW)

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Dept. of Applied Mathematics (adjunct)

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of Washington, 2018

B.S. in Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2013



Anand Krishnan


Niharika Karnik.heic

Niharika Karnik



Jan Williams



Andrei Klishin

Postdoctoral Scholar

AI Institute




Data-Induced Interactions of Sparse Sensors 

Klishin, A.A., Kutz, J.K. & Manohar, K. 

(2023) arXiv:2307.11838

Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 4.57.52 PM.png
Optimal Sensor Placement with Adaptive Constraints for Nuclear Digital Twins

Karnik, N., Abdo, M.G., Perez, C.E.E., Yoo, J.S., Cogliati, J.J., Skifton, R.S., Calderoni, P., Brunton, S.L. and Manohar, K. 

(2023) arXiv:2306.13637 

Karnik Sensor Reconst.png
Optimal sensor and actuator selection using balanced model reduction

Manohar, K., Kutz, J.N. and Brunton, S.L.

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 67(4), pp.2108-2115, 2021.

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PySensors: A Python package for sparse sensor placement

de Silva, B.M., Manohar, K., Clark, E., Brunton, B.W., Brunton, S.L. and Kutz, J.N.

The Journal of Open Source Software, 6(58), p.2828, 2021.

Kernel analog forecasting: Multiscale test problems

Burov, D., Giannakis, D., Manohar, K.* and Stuart, A.

Multiscale Modeling & Simulation, 19(2), pp.1011-1040, 2021.

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Data-driven aerospace engineering: reframing the industry with machine learning

Brunton, S.L., Nathan Kutz, J., Manohar, K., Aravkin, A.Y., Morgansen, K., Klemisch, J., Goebel, N., Buttrick, J., Poskin, J., Blom-Schieber, A.W. and Hogan, T. 

AIAA Journal, 59(8), pp.2820-2847, 2021.

Plane on Runway
Optimized sampling for multiscale dynamics

Manohar, K., Kaiser, E., Brunton, S.L. and Kutz, J.N. 

Multiscale Modeling & Simulation, 17(1), pp.117-136, 2019.

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Predicting shim gaps in aircraft assembly with machine learning and sparse sensing

Manohar, K., Hogan, T., Buttrick, J., Banerjee, A.G., Kutz, J.N. and Brunton, S.L.

Journal of manufacturing systems, 48, pp.87-95, 2018.

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Data-driven sparse sensor placement for reconstruction: Demonstrating the benefits of exploiting known patterns

Manohar, K., Brunton, B.W., Kutz, J.N. and Brunton, S.L.

IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 38(3), pp.63-86, 2018.

Sparse-TDA: Sparse realization of topological data analysis for multi-way classification

Guo, W., Manohar, K., Brunton, S.L. and Banerjee, A.G.

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 30(7), pp.1403-1408, 2018.

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Environment identification in flight using sparse approximation of wing strain

Manohar, K., Brunton, S.L. and Kutz, J.N.

Journal of Fluids and Structures, 70, pp.162-180, 2017.

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Contact Information

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

University of Washington

Stevens Way, Box 352600
Seattle, WA 98195

kmanohar [at]

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