Journal Papers

Optimized sampling for multiscale dynamics

K. Manohar, E. Kaiser, S. L. Brunton, and J. N. Kutz

Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, 17(1):117–136, 2019.

Sparse Principal Component Analysis using Variable Projection

N. B. Erichson, P. Zheng, K. Manohar, S. L. Brunton, J. N. Kutz and A. Y. Aravkin

To appear in SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2019.

Data-drive sparse sensor placement for reconstruction

K. Manohar, B. W. Brunton,  J. N. Kutz, and S. L. Brunton

IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 38(3):63–86, 2018

Predicting shim gaps in aircraft assembly with machine learning and sparse sensing

K. Manohar, T. Hogan, J. Buttrick, A. G. Banerjee, J. N. Kutz, and S. L. Brunton

Journal of Manufacturing Systems Special Issue on Smart Manufacturing, 48:87–95, 2018

Sparse-TDA: sparse realization of topological data analysis for multi-way classification

W. Guo, K. Manohar, S. L. Brunton, and A. G. Banerjee

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 30(7):1403–1408, 2018

Environment identification in flight using sparse approximation of wing strain

K. Manohar, S. L. Brunton, and J. N. Kutz

Journal of Fluids and Structures, 70:162–180, 2017


Optimal Sensor and Actuator Placement using Balanced Model Reduction

K. Manohar, J. N. Kutz, and S. L. BruntonarXiv:1812.01574 [math.OC], 2018

Randomized CP Tensor Decomposition

N. B. Erichson, K. Manohar, S. L. Brunton and J. N. Kutz

arXiv:1703.09074 [cs.NA], 2017

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